From internet marketing to the Internet of Things – Part 2

Friday 25th, October 2013

From internet marketing to the internet of thingsInternet marketing’s latest development the internet of things has been the fancy of discussion among marketers for a while. This post sets forth what this trend means to marketers. Find the previous post here.

With every evolving trend, it is crucial that marketers look at the situation objectively and analyse if and how the trend can help empower their marketing programs (both internet marketing and conventional marketing). The internet of things phenomenon is a good case in point. Unless marketers evaluate the capabilities of the concept, there will be little clarity on how it can help.

So here are some ways in which the internet of things is touted to change things for marketing professionals:

  1. There will be an even bigger deluge of data in the years to come. This means that sound ways of identifying relevant data will become essential.
  2. Apt talent who can analyze and provide insights from this data deluge will become priceless to marketers.
  3. Search will undergo a radical shift in approach. Content will search for individuals instead.
  4. Personalized marketing will reach new zeniths thanks to all the data
  5. Customer service can be improved by leaps and bounds through real-time information from the devices

Reality, however, is that whatever is being done today in this realm barely scratches the surface. We’re still a while away from gadgets that intuitively understand and manage our lives.

Some of the problems that are proving deterrent to achieving an ideal state of ‘smart’ living include:

  • Lack of clarity on what protocols to use for a disparate set of tasks i.e. failure of devices to communicate with each other
  • Devices and the data they generate become silo-ed since they can’t communicate across devices and technologies
  • In case of multiple devices and technologies in one situation, they can’t provide an integrated effective experience
  • Privacy of data is still a very big deal and unless there are explicit permissions to utilize the data, it is rather pointless
  • Wireless connectivity is still not a factor that can be taken for granted across the world especially in developing countries

What we can safely conclude from this is that technology that powers marketing is going to continually evolve necessitating changes in approach. However, at the heart of it all marketing will always continue to be about maximizing value for consumers as well as businesses.

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