From email marketing to foolproof lead nurturing

Friday 11th, October 2013 ,

In the previous post, we talked about how a solid lead nurturing program can greatly help your business. In this post, we give you little insider tips on how to go beyond poor email marketing and do it right.

Lead nurturing when done right can lead to a higher rate of conversions than previously experienced. To begin with, marketers need to dispel the notion that having insipid email marketing campaigns in place will suffice for lead nurturing. Given below is a step-by-step guide on setting up a good lead nurturing campaign.

Do the homework.

Before creating messages and schedules for communicating leads, businesses need to get to know their leads better. This is a step that shouldn’t be skipped at any cost. Knowing your audience is the key to any kind of marketing or selling. Without that you would literally be shooting in the dark. So look for clues and patterns from your data that will reveal requisite information about your leads which you can then utilize when crafting your strategy.


When you take a look at the data generated from your leads, you begin to get a good idea of what drives their purchase decisions. Clearly define them in order to start the campaign planning right.

Outline experiences.

Once you know what your customers expect and prefer, you can begin to outline what the experience should look like. You should also know what the existing experience looks like so that any lag between the current and desired experiences can be identified and fixed.


Armed with all the insights and a concrete idea of what the ideal experience for leads should look like, you can begin to plan the communication. Ensure that you take into consideration every last detail, leaving the least to chance.


Identify the right tools that will help you automate communication to your leads. Pick the apt team to handle the automation. Ensure your team also oversees the process with requisite human intervention.


Set up analytics tools that will help you efficiently track the performance of your lead nurturing campaign. Have the right team analyze data and make recommendations to improve the process.

The important thing for marketers to remember is that all communication must be deployed only after explicit permission has been sought from leads to contact them. The fallout from unsolicited communication is especially felt in email marketing campaigns where permission has not been sought. There is nothing more wasteful for both parties than trying to sell to those who don’t require what you offer. Respectful and meaningful communication goes a long way in meeting marketing goals and satisfying customers.

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