Beyond fancy analytics software or vendors:Xerago delivers

Insight AnalyticsBeyond fancy software, cutting edge utilities / tools, Xerago is able deliver remarkable value.

Using products, and tools like Sitecatalyst, Coremetrics, UNICA NetInsight, Web Trends and Google Analytics Xerago manages the operational layer, delivering unprecedented flexibility coupled with velocity operates that businesses seek. This frees the business teams to focus on executing the data backed recommendations.

Leading brands across the globe prefer Xerago as a partner of choice when it comes to Marketing insights.

Given below are some of the reasons:


Xerago understands the need to separate data dumps from reporting and analysis. Typical Analytics vendors rely on Templated MIS or typical data dumps that require marketers to decide up-front what site goals they want to track, what visitor segments they want to distinguish, and even how they want to analyze the data. The issue being that every brand / business is constantly evolving hence it’s impossible to define all of these things ahead of time. Every analytical marketing process requires nimbleness to capture diverse or different data and flexibility to analyze the data at varying levels of depth.

By providing marketers the freedom to change their analysis requirements, and providing brand centric dashboards without operational overhead of re-tagging, Xerago delivers remarkable cost savings. Further, when key business metrics change, this same separation of tasks gives marketers the flexibility to reassess the business historically through the new lens.


Xerago uses an amalgam of tools, that powers a highly dynamic and open data architecture. Xerago clearly provides an edge by freeing marketers from the burden of choosing a range of stand-alone products like Sitecatalyst, Coremetrics, UNICA NetInsight, Web Trends etc, and discrete data analysis.

It is common for companies to have multiple products from a single or multiple vendor each giving different answers to the same question! The lack of a single, open approach to data management also means that traditional solutions are not sufficiently extensible. Marketers are forced to buy separate products that often require expensive custom services projects that delay time to value.

Xerago provides a single interaction interface to marketers built around an integrated data streams ensuring a high degree of certainty on all analysis and providing a strong core for data integration and extension. In contrast to most vendors, Xerago’s data sources / stores are fully auditable.


Xerago offers the flexibility to grow with the changing needs of the business. Business needs mandate how Digital analytics should be deployed. Coupled with on-demand or in-premise plug-n-play products stack Xerago empowers businesses with ‘what they want’ rather than the conventional ‘what is available’.

Further Xerago Tools and Utilities stack collect data in an open relational database, on-premise customers get the additional benefit of an out-of-the box Digital behavior data mart for enterprise-wide usage – eliminating the need to extract data from the Digital analytics solutions and build a new data mart in order to integrate Digital data into other enterprise applications.


Xerago is – and has always been – a marketing solutions company.

Xerago is a marketing solutions company with a long and unparalleled history of helping marketing organizations improve business results with data-driven marketing technology solutions and best practices. Xerago truly offers a comprehensive interactive marketing solution enabling companies to engage customers, prospects, and anonymous Digital visitors in an interactive cross-channel dialog.

Today, traditional Digital analytics providers offer, at best, point solutions that help marketers leverage insight from their products to execute marketing activities. And this is silo-ed.

While each product has its USP / advantage, marketers seek an amalgam of these unique benefits like the LIVE profile from Coremetrics plus soft tagging by NetInsight plus Search center by Site Catalyst.

Regardless of the products or tools your enterprise is working on Xerago provides you the same flexibility and velocity that you so desire.

Hence beyond analytics products / tools like Sitecatalyst, Coremetrics, UNICA NetInsight, Web Trends, Google Analytics etc and traditional analytics reporting / MIS vendors, Xerago delivers outstanding business value.

Learn how Xerago’s service can help your organization achieve its objective. Click here


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