Are these UX errors thwarting your best efforts?

Friday 04th, October 2013
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UX errors that thwart your digital marketing efforts

Countless brands suffer digital marketing setbacks on account of poor user experience. In this blog post, you’ll find out if your brand’s website suffers from any commonly made hitches.

Sometimes, despite best efforts , some business websites don’t quite make the mark. The culprit? Miserable user experience. In fact, user experience design needs to necessarily play a bigger role in digital marketing strategy to ensure that all efforts are creating the desired impact. Read on to find out if your team has overlooked these commonly made UX errors.

Inaccurate assumptions

One of the first things that can go wrong with designing a great user experience is assuming that you know what your audience wants. Keep in mind that your audience need not think the way you do and have the same expectations when it comes to websites. In order to not fall into this trap, you need to carry out the required research to understand what your target audience looks forward to and ensure that you make data-backed design decisions.

Irrelevant experience

Let’s imagine an audio business wants to set up a website. If they decided to go with a visually packed experience along the likes of Pinterest, chances are that they wouldn’t get very far. No prizes for guessing why. Not aligning the experience to the nature of the website is one of the fundamental things that can go wrong with your website.

Lack of value

The heart of modern marketing lies in one undeniable truth – to succeed, businesses must offer valuable input to customers. Without value, your brand can end up being just another face in the crowd. There’s practically very little that can help you differentiate yourself from competitors. Therefore, every initiative must offer some value to customers and this goes for websites as well. Is your website providing the information that your customer is looking for? Is it making their search simpler? Is it helping them make a decision quickly?

Cluttered Chaos

The problem of too much is one that this decade greatly suffers from. There’s too much information, too many messages and too many options that customers have. In order to convey everything, marketers often make the mistake of cramming their websites with every single detail that they want to put in. this does exactly the opposite of what it is supposed to. It confuses and annoys the visitors. The more straightforward the experience, the higher your chances of achieving your goals.

Lack of focus

Unless the important aspects of the website are in focus as required, the objectives of the brand’s websites will most likely not be met. With the right elements prioritized, visitors will naturally be led through the experience the way you would ideally want them to.

Frustrating web forms

One of the things that annoy website visitors the most is patience-testing forms. Forms are meant to provide marketers with information they require to assist audiences better. Considering this, it would be self-sabotage to annoy them with unnecessarily long forms that are difficult to fill and submit. Solution – create short, easily fillable forms that visitors can submit with ease.

Sub-par copy

While the main copy of the website is important, what is equally crucial is the microcopy. Microcopy reflects the personality of the brand and guides the visitors along the right direction. When microcopy is badly written, it robs your brand of its soul.

Misaligned to brand story

Every communication medium of a brand needs to be aligned to the overarching brand story. This ensures a consistent experience across all touch points. When experiences are not aligned, they don’t convey a unified message. This makes it harder to create a positive perception in the minds of audiences.

Technical hiccups

Before websites are launched, it is definitely invaluable to conduct testing to avoid technical problems. Technical problems create unnecessary bumps and roadblocks along the journey. The net result being unhappy, irritated visitors.

Unfortunate timing

UX designs need to be launched at the right time. If they’re launched too early or too late, they will not create the impression that they are capable of.

While great UX designs can greatly improve brand perception, there are some issues they cannot fix. To begin with, good UX cannot make up for a bad product or an unviable business idea. It also cannot make up for unmotivated or inexperienced teams behind the businesses. Stellar UX is a piece in the digital marketing puzzle that needs to be placed right. The sooner businesses recognize this and give it the due importance, the more chances there are of achieving the intended objectives.




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