Why context in digital marketing is non-negotiable

Why context in digital marketing is non-negotiable

In a radical change from the recent past, digital marketing now requires sound context around it. This post examines what contextual marketing is all about.

Picture this. You’re at work engrossed in a particular task when a colleague asks you for clarification regarding another task without explaining what it relates to. You are momentarily confused. The reason? Because you don’t immediately connect to the context in which the question is being posed. Once the context is clear, it becomes possible to understand and process the information. The importance of context holds good for marketers as well when they are attempting to communicate to their audiences.

Why is context important in marketing?

While digital marketing gurus around the world are touting new buzzwords every fortnight, you may wonder why it is important for marketers to know what the significance of contextual marketing is. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Context helps marketers understand the audience psyche better:

Contextual marketing is built based on data from previous transactions. Depending on the level of detail in the data collected, marketers can glean useful insights from them. These insights will then help in whittling the strategy required to address the consumers’ needs. For instance, if brand A has adopted digital marketing tactics, with the help of a powerful marketing analytics solution, A will be able to derive contextual insights from historical data which will facilitate deeper understanding of audience psyche.

  • Context helps marketers pinpoint prospects’ needs better:

Another aspect that data helps marketers with is to clearly define possible audience needs. Without data, marketers will have to rely on instinct to guess the needs of the audience. This could lead to a higher risk of errors. Understanding data in the right context is crucial here.

  • Personalized marketing is facilitated by contextual marketing

Understanding the contexts within which customers operate is highly beneficial to marketers. In today’s age of manifold messages and communication overload, it is crucial to get through to the customer. The only way to do this is by personalizing the communication and offering to the highest degree possible. This again is made possible by in depth data and strong contextual insights.

  • Relevance of messages is increased through contextual marketing

Contextual marketing facilitates personalization. When personalization exists, the relevance of the content addressed to them increases. The more the relevance of the messaging, the higher the chances of influencing the audience.

While a lot of marketers feel that contextual marketing is just an offshoot of behavioural targeting and native advertising. But contextual marketing is much larger than either of the two. Behavioural targeting is not forward-looking as it is based on historical information from transactions. In reality, there may be more than one context at play when it comes to a single consumer.

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