One-to-one marketing and personalized communication

Thursday 05th, September 2013 ,

One-to-one marketing and personalized communication

One-to-one marketing takes various forms. In this post, we describe what it takes to personalize your communication with your customers.

When was the last time you received an e-mail that wasn’t specifically addressed to you? For a lot of us, that was a very long time ago. Whenever you received a generic e-mail last, how did it make you feel? Ignored? Unappreciated? Well, that’s how you make your target audience feel if you aren’t following the basic tenets of one-to-one marketing and personalizing your communication to them.

According to the Aberdeen Group, click-through rates to emails improved by 14% when personalized and conversion rates went up by 10%. Some other obvious benefits behind personalizing marketing communication include:

  • Improved response rates
  • Stronger customer loyalty
  • Enhanced brand perception
  • Higher brand recall
  • Establishment of credibility and competence
  • Facilitation and encouragement of brand advocacy

Considering that marketing today is completely customer-centric, it is no surprise that marketers are keen on establishing, maintaining and enhancing relations with customers. What better way to do this than through communication that has been tweaked with their preferences and needs in mind?

Though it sounds simple, personalizing marketing communications requires groundwork, patience and persistence. Here’s a quick guide to what your business needs to consider.

Create buyer personas

This is the starting point of every one-to-one marketing activity. Take the time to flesh out buyer personas for your business. Keep in mind that buyer personas are not customer profiles. The former is a more detailed understanding of the psyche of the buyer. Buyer personas will help marketers understand the needs of the buyers and set the ball rolling for personalization initiatives.

Segment database

Take a good hard look at your database. Once you begin to notice patterns, start segmenting your database to make targeting more effortless and efficient.

Identify the right channels/mediums

Determine the mediums you will utilize to reach out to your audience. Some popular means include:

  • SMS
  • E-mail
  • Mail
  • Newsletters (for instance, if your store is popular with senior citizens, compile content that appeals to them)

It is extremely crucial that the right medium is chosen for the target audience. You can’t expect teenagers to be impressed by regular mail or octogenarians to figure what is cool about personalized SMS.

To know how to personalize your marketing communication further, keep reading this blog.


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