One-to-one marketing and personalized communication Part 2

Saturday 07th, September 2013 ,

In the previous post, we explored the reasons why personalizing communication using one-to-one marketing fundamentals is important. Here we provide some pointers on how to do the same.

Be human

The quality of copy that is utilized needs to be such that recipients can relate to it. Emotion is a powerful tool for a marketer. If you are able to deliver content that can evoke positive emotion in the readers, chances are that response rates will be high. In this respect, it would help if marketers evoke the principles of traditional one-to-one marketing and apply them to their communication.

Add to perceived value

Communication without value is essentially nothing but noise. There is enough noise in the marketing space with businesses indulging in boring jabber that customers don’t want to hear. What they want to hear is what will be of use to them. Historical transaction data can reveal preferences which when used wisely can help you help your customers with valuable information. For instance, if A bought a mobile phone from your store, you could e-mail her congratulating her on the purchase and also letting her know that you also stock accessories that could enhance her experience of using the mobile phone. This way there is a higher chance that you will make a sale on the accessories rather than just creating a generic e-mail describing them and hitting the ‘send all’ button.

Identify apt metrics and monitor results

When you set out to personalize your marketing communications, clearly establish what you expect to achieve from them. Doing this will help break down those expectations and identify what the right metrics would be to measure results. Ensure adequate monitoring of performance and periodically tweak your personalization strategy to optimize the process.

Personalization with respect

While personalizing communication is appreciated, being creepy about it is a big no-no. Case in point, the unfortunate and icky situation Target found itself in when confronted by the upset father of a pregnant teenager. Clearly draw the line between what is acceptable and what isn’t, keeping consequences to the business in mind. Then endeavour to ensure that all your employees understand and abide by those rules. While new avenues such as digital marketing exponentially improve reach, businesses must remember that applying one-to-one marketing principles to personalize communication will boost the impact of the messages.

Given how businesses are clamouring over one another to charm their customers these days, personalized communication isn’t something that customers merely appreciate. Today, they expect it. When businesses don’t live up to audience expectations, they pretty much seal their fates.



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