Improving Customer Satisfaction for a leading Automobile Manufacturer

Friday 09th, August 2013 ,

Though the concept of Customer Satisfaction has been around for years, it has begun to gain precedence recently. Here we describe how Customer Satisfaction was enhanced for an automobile manufacturer.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is essentially the difference between expectations from services and perceptions of actual services. At Xerago, we believe that the term Customer Satisfaction is a collective representation of customer beliefs over factual deliveries of products and services. When expectations are met, it provides a major boost to customer relationship management efforts. This post elucidates what transpired when a leading automobile manufacturer approached us with a request to improve CSAT rates.

Traditionally, CSAT has been measured with qualitative metrics. Xerago brought objectivity into the same by

  • Basing satisfaction on thousands of discrete customer transactions to isolate subjectivity
  • Using statistically sound pattern algorithm to isolate noise and identify meaningful patterns
  • Deconstructing satisfaction into categories of latent variables that add up
  • Identifying influencers of the latent variables with relationships, and correlations
  • Operating purely from audiences’ vantage point

The modus-operandi to the CSAT exercise for the client was charted out in the following manner:

Stage 1: Identification

  • Analysis of existing data or market research
  • Conclusion of a set of latent variables

The identification was to be carried out by a consumer psychologist and a marketing analyst based on experience, expertise and past precedence.

Stage 2: Validation

  • Building of a qualitative questionnaire
  • Identification of influencers in case of valid latent variables. If not, arrival at a set of latent variables

This was to be carried out by a consumer psychologist, a marketing analyst and a researcher using specimen Focus Group to establish validity of variables/influencers.

Stage 3: Relation

  • Correlation of variables

Correlation was to be carried out by a consumer psychologist and a marketing analyst based on experience, expertise and past precedence.

Read more on the Customer Satisfaction exercise we carried out here.

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