Improving Customer Satisfaction for a leading Automobile Manufacturer – cont.

Saturday 10th, August 2013 ,

In the previous post about how to improve customer satisfaction, we talked about how revamping the CSAT approach for a leading automobile manufacturer helped boost their customer relationship management efforts and business. In this post, we elucidate the rest of the CSAT strategy.

Stage 4: Evaluation

  • Building of a quantitative questionnaire
  • Execution of survey
  • Tabulation of results

This stage was to be achieved by a researcher and a data analyst by carrying out a survey on a statistically stable and segment representative sample.

Stage 5: Score and analyze

  • Determination of weightage among variables

Scoring and analysis was to be carried out by a statistician, modeler and data analyst using Structural Data Modeling and by assigning weightage for variables/influencers.

Stage 6: Recommend

  • Measurement of customer satisfaction level
  • Recommendation of appropriate marketing interventions

This stage was to be executed by a statistician, a marketing analyst and a business analyst by inferring insights and making recommendations based on results.

An instance of how this CSAT framework could play out in terms of functionality at the client’s automobile business is through combination of core service with dealership quality as well as the requisite human and non-human elements. Core service elements would include flawless service, quality of replaced spares, advice and instructions and reasonable pricing. Dealership quality would comprise accuracy of information about timing of delivery, commitment to timing and reception of the proper invoice/delivery papers. The inclusion of human elements (kindness, friendliness, attentiveness, appearance) and non-human elements (computerized facilities, time needed to wait, sign boards and waiting rooms).

CSAT is a sum of latent variables along with influencers. The challenge, however, is the fact that the two are correlated in a very complex manner. This is where marketers have the opportunity to address the challenge with innovative solutions.

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