Get personal to boost your digital marketing efforts

Thursday 08th, August 2013

Get personal to boost your digital marketing efforts

Businesses are still ignorant of the difference that personalized marketing can make. This post talks about how brands can adopt personalized digital marketing practices.

Can you imagine a business world that is not tuned into what their customers need? Can you imagine organizations being successful in their digital marketing initiatives with focus being entirely on what they believe customers should adopt? Seems unrealistic, doesn’t it? Gone are the days when marketers tried to create the need for the product/service among customers. Now the emphasis is on recognizing, understanding and satisfying existing customer needs. To put it in a nutshell, customer centricity and personalization initiatives are driving the digital marketing space.

Personalized marketing tactics are everywhere. From large organizations to start-ups, marketers are very careful not to turn potential customers off. It can manifest itself in various forms:

Personalized differentiated product/service offering:

Here the product/service offered is differentiated by personalizing it to suit customers’ requirements. For instance, internet service providers often have different types of internet subscription plans that broadly address customer needs.

Personalized communications:

Communications such as e-mails, offers, banners, SMSes and virtually all other content that is sent audiences’ way are personalized to improve effectiveness and response rates. E-mail marketing campaigns especially are increasingly becoming more focused on personalization these days.

Personalized customer experience:

Many organizations today are waking up to the fact that customer experiences shape the future of their businesses. In an attempt to tailor the experiences they offer, they are turning to personalization initiatives. A straightforward instance of this would be banks that offer products to customers based on their current status and profile.

Without personalization driving their marketing initiatives, organizations are pretty much doomed to sink. So how can businesses stay ahead of the pack? Here are some guidelines on personalizing marketing operations:

  • Personalization initiatives must be driven by constructive insights from pertinent data derived from marketing analytics tools. Without these insights, marketers would be operating on hunches, which is a strict no-no.
  • Mere profiling of customers won’t provide businesses the edge they require to really understand what the customer needs. In order to do this, they must analyze customer intent.
  • Personalization isn’t limited to one aspect of a business. A complete assessment and adjustment of processes will deliver the impressive experience that customers seek.
  • It does not entail pushing for a sale. Hard-selling is exactly the opposite of what personalization strives to achieve
  • Humanize your marketing operations as well as your sales activities entirely. There’s nothing more off-putting than getting the feeling of talking to a faceless brand.
  • Don’t obsess over establishing ‘if-this-then-that’ rules. While those rules work to a certain extent when applied broadly, they can be rather restrictive and misleading when over-emphasized.
  • Simplify, simplify as Thoreau said. Complicated initiatives don’t equal success.
  • Determine carefully how the personalized initiatives will be delivered.
  • Demonstrate the following qualities – genuine, helpful and attentive.
  • Engage!

If you’re still not sure that your digital marketing strategy requires personalization initiatives, consider this. Customers today don’t prefer but expect personalized offerings. If you choose to ignore this, you’re pretty much taking your business out of the running. So make the smart choice to get personal with your customers.




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