From internet marketing to the Internet of Things

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From internet marketing to the internet of things

Given its inherent dynamism, internet marketing is all about evolving trends. This post describes the concept of Internet of Things and what it means to marketers.

Mankind has come a long way since the time when the internet and internet marketing were things of fascination. What is catching people’s fancy these days is the ubiquitous ‘internet of things’. For the uninitiated, the internet of things is what supporters call a ‘phenomenon’ where devices or objects can collect data and transmit them to the internet in a bid to make life easier and ‘smarter’.

There are multiple examples of the beginning of this phenomenon in our daily lives. The devices that most often utilize this philosophy are the multitudes of fitness trackers that suddenly seem to flood the markets today. From Nike’s Fuelband to Fitbit’s evolved pedometers to the Jawbone Up wristband, fitness obsessed people have quite a few options to choose from. These devices track behavior (in this case, exercise and activity) and transmit data to a central location (usually the users’ accounts) which can then be utilized by both the user as well as those on the business end. While these fitness trackers are just basic instances, there are other devices that are being developed to make consumers’ lives more effortless.

Internet marketing’s new avatar, the internet of things, is touted to assist in two major ways:

  • Automate and enhance individual experiences of everyday activities such as brewing coffee, figuring out the route to a specific destination etc.
  • Collect real-time data and insight while making life easier and transmit them to the manufacturer who can then use the data so that businesses can better serve the customer with a higher chance of success

This visual from TechCrunch provides a visual representation of how the Internet of Things landscape looks like at the moment. So far, efforts in the entire concept seem scattered, disintegrated, confused even making marketers hesitant about making a foray past traditional internet marketing practices.

There are plenty of opportunities in the IoT space today for businesses. Multiple corporations have begun to adopt and capitalize on the idea. Case in point being Cisco. For starters, they refer to it as the Internet of Everything. Cisco is seeing it as a way to change business processes related to connected devices, thereby increasing their revenue from services. Qualcomm and AT&T are working towards making the process of creating Internet of Things devices and applications easier through a joint project called the Internet of Everything development platform. Other than this there are multiple opportunities cropping up for the taking. For instance, it is expected that production of hardware will increase. Along with this, the software platforms that form the foundation upon which IoT will function will drastically increase in demand.

So what does this all mean to marketers like us? Find out more in the following blog post.

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