Fourteen reasons why digital marketing campaigns don’t go viral – Part 2

Saturday 24th, August 2013 ,

Fourteen reasons why digital marketing campaigns don't go viral - Part 2

previous post Why Digital Marketing Campaigns Don’t Go Viral, we talked about the contributing factors that could hinder digital marketing campaigns from going viral. Here, we provide the concluding part of that post.

Poor distribution across relevant channels

Here’s the shocker – viral digital marketing campaigns, like all other campaigns, need a strategy. This is especially required when it comes to distributing the content across relevant channels. Marketers need to ascertain which channels are aptly aligned to their content as well as which channels are frequently utilized by their target audiences.

Monitoring momentum to stoke conversations

Once you’ve let your content free into the cyber world, it is a good idea to track what people are feeling/saying about it, how much is being said and who is saying it. This will allow you to identify situations where you can join the conversation and give the campaign a little more nudge.

No testing/evidence

Kmart’s social listening activity before launching their ‘ship my pants’ viral ad let them test the waters before taking the dive. Social listening and other means of gaining analytical insights can provide the evidence you need to decide whether you should or shouldn’t go ahead with the launch.

No influencer outreach

Another great way to go viral? Get influencers to recommend/mention your campaign. Nothing like getting some glitterati on your side.

Lack of sound sharing strategy on social media

Social media is a great means to go viral. But that doesn’t mean it’s an idiot-proof method. Random vague sharing without a clear social media strategy goes south more often than not.

Lack of spontaneity

Spent two months of endless discussions with the best talent in your team to come up with a viral digital marketing campaign concept? Chances are it won’t work. Lack of spontaneity is unfortunately easily detectable in campaigns. No spontaneity equals not going viral.

Too nice

There’s not much scope for being diplomatic in viral campaigns. Accept that there could be some people who might be offended or bored by your campaign. Focus on the large multitudes who will receive it the way you expect them to.

Too long

The average attention span on individuals on the internet is rather low. Also, their time is precious. So do everyone a favor and keep content to a minimum. Brevity is the soul of wit, remember?

While there’s no surefire formula so to speak, there’s definitely a roadmap which can send your campaign to dizzying heights of popularity. So stay sharp and keep an eye out for viral inspiration.

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