Beyond social media marketing: adopt social selling

Beyond social media marketing: adopt social sellingIn a previous post, we talked about the debate over social selling, an upcoming subset of social media marketing. Here we examine steps that businesses should take when they decide to adopt social selling.

Organizations are increasingly choosing to fortify their selling process with the help of social networks. Acting as an apt complement to social media marketing, social selling helps sales professionals establish and maintain relationships with prospects and customers. When organizations decide to evolve beyond social media marketing and adopt social selling techniques what should they keep in mind? Here are a few pointers.

Start with the basics

Lay a strong foundation for the social selling process. Have a strategy in place before actually starting off.

Set clear goals

Before you foray into social selling, do the required research and understand what social selling can and can’t do for your organization. Set expectations and goals accordingly.

Convey credible branding

Ensure that you convey credibility and competence through your profiles, the content you share and the conversations you engage in.

Employ networking techniques

Sales professionals are already maestros at maintaining great networks of contacts. Extend this to the social sphere as well keeping in mind the rules of engagement and etiquette.

Engage with influencers

Communicate and engage with industry experts and thought leaders to be perceived as being competent in your space.

Foolproof listening

Great social listening is a large chuck of social selling techniques. Create a well thought out plan to employ social listening tools to keep up with conversations revolving around your brand.

Provide value

Extending valuable information and insight is not a practice that is restricted to marketers alone. Sales teams also need to mirror the quality of providing value to create a strong brand reputation.


Integrate your social accounts with CRM to get a robust and comprehensive understanding of where each prospect or customer is in the funnel.

Social selling has its benefits. If businesses learn to take a balanced view of its capabilities and employ techniques correctly, they can certainly enhance their sales processes.


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