Have you got your branding right? Part 2

Thursday 13th, June 2013
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This post examines common branding errors businesses make and is a continuation of this post.

7. Socially Inept

Instances of brands having earned public ire from unintentionally inappropriate communication on social media websites are aplenty. Social media’s exponential reach is a blessing and a bane. One small slip can leave businesses and their online branding activities tumbling down a seemingly endless abyss of mass hatred.

8. Incomplete notions

When an organization works on its branding, inputs from all departments are required. Expecting just one team to put forth their thoughts on the same can seem one-sided and incomplete when considering the organization as an entirety.

9. Unfulfilled promises

What a brand promises should be delivered. It’s that easy to satisfy customers and gain their loyalty. On the other hand if a brand promises nirvana from using its deodorant you know what will follow.

10. Websites with identity crises

When it comes to online branding, websites, more often than not, drive brand identities. Ignoring this aspect, some businesses treat the conceptualization and design as if it were an online version of their brochures or pamphlets. This compromises the potential of the websites subjecting them to be mere wallflowers.

11. Passing up lead generation opportunities

Websites, social media accounts, blogs and e-mailers have innate potential to generate leads. Unless they are optimized for this, online branding will remain sadly lacking.

12. Lack of audience alignment

Powerful branding communicated to audiences that their specific needs can be fulfilled by the brand’s offering. Unless the branding is aligned to audience requirements, prospects will find it impossible to relate to or be interested in what the brand has to say.

Organizations certainly shouldn’t go with the flow when it comes to branding. Careful deliberation is required. Without that businesses may just feel like Victor Frankenstein who created a monster that finally killed them both.

Be sure to carry that 12 point checklist above to ensure that you’re NOT making any of the branding mistakes!



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