Social Listening Strategy Checklist

social listening checklist

Social listening is becoming imperative for business to consider and adopt. This post provides a checklist that marketers can use while establishing the practice. Find the first post on the Social listening series here.

Every marketing initiative requires a solid strategy behind it. Organizations need to know where they currently stand, how the initiative needs to be established, what resources are required to establish it, how to monitor and optimize the process. This applies to social listening (also called social media monitoring) as well. Most importantly, your organization’s social listening strategy should align to the overarching social media marketing strategy.

Here are a few pointers on how you can ensure that you have formulated the perfect social listening strategy:

  • Identify your target audience to get a better idea of what is being said
  • Identify your influencers
  • Choose your platform wisely keeping in mind what you require no matter what fancy features are offered
  • Appoint an experienced social listening expert
  • Set up the initial set of keywords. Ideally these are topics that are important to your business, your industry as well as your competitors.
  • Optimize the listening to exclude irrelevant results
  • Filter and sort through collected data
  • Use the refined set of data to spur on action
  • Tweak keywords periodically to reflect what you’re seeking
  • Tracking offline campaigns
  • Integrate listening with CRM for better integration of efforts
  • Track competitor activity
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the social listening exercise at regular intervals
  • Anticipate crises as far as possible and formulate response strategies for various situations

Having a social listening practice in place is good for any brand. But organizations must gauge whether they have the required resources to pull off the activity on a constant basis. Additionally, it is also important that brands maintain the required etiquette and privacy standards while engaging in social listening so as to not infringe over customers’ privacy and consequently lose their trust.


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