Have you got your branding right?

Wednesday 29th, May 2013
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Have you got your offline and online branding right?While there are excellent examples of flawless online branding and offline branding initiatives, there is also no dearth of instances when they have gone horribly wrong. This post attempts to throw light on how such goof-ups can occur and a dozen ways to avoid such mistakes.

1. What’s in a name?

Apparently quite a lot because once an organization christens its brand with a name that

  • Is unintelligible
  • Is terribly hard to pronounce
  • Is offensive
  • Defies logic
  • Can be interpreted in multiple unfortunate ways

chances are that the online branding / offline branding exercise will fall flat on its face before it even takes off.

2. Logo Uh-Ohs

Rapid fire question: Name a wildly successful brand with a downright silly logo. Can’t think of any, right? I rest my case.

3. Migraine-inducing taglines

Taglines are meant to describe your brand and reflect its personality. It isn’t meant to leave the audience confused, conflicted or in physical pain from the sheer stupidity of it all.

4. Lack of tangibility

What your brand stands for maybe clear to the business. But for a business to be able to communicate that idea effectively to its audiences requires an adequate measure of tangibility. Unless the business is able to translate that idea well, audiences just won’t be able to relate to it no matter how hard they try.

5. Piggybacking a successful brand

When businesses try to act like 4th graders trying to copy their ‘cooler’ counterparts, target audiences treat their brands exactly like that – like silly childish behavior. Unless a business can bring out its individuality through the branding initiative, there’s very little hope for it to be able to stand apart from competition.

6. Imagination that runs amok

Sometimes existing brands are so giddy with their successes that they decide to be brave and foray into a place where no brand has gone before (without realizing there’s probably a reason why!). Case in point, Harley Davidson’s unfortunate decision to try their hand at perfumes and colognes. Providence was kind, however. Those shall not be spoken of anymore. Trying to force your brand into being something other than its natural identity is bound to fail.

For more on branding errors you should avoid, read this post.



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