Mobile marketing: Focus on behaviors, not devices

Mobile marketing: Focus on behaviors, not devices

Mobile marketing tactics are faltering from lack of customer insight. This post tells you why you need to understand behaviors to be successful.

Anyone who has been in the digital marketing space for the last couple of years knows one thing for certain – businesses are going mobile. While some organizations have caught the early wave and led the way, others are still wondering how to get started and what mobile marketing strategy would suit them the most. To all those conflicted individuals, we have one thing to say – focus on behavior rather than device.

This might seem like a bizarre thing to say considering that most marketing gurus are promoting the thought of optimizing marketing programs for mobile devices. But bear in mind the fact that as a marketer you are looking to influence the human who is utilizing the device and not the device itself. That is why your mobile marketing strategy shouldn’t stop with incorporating responsive design.

The basic purpose behind linking mobile devices with behavior is to understand how consumers use devices and what they seek from them. No two devices provide the same experience to consumers. For instance, this is how I use my devices

Desktop PC: photo editing, downloads, watching movies
Laptop: Work, personal research
Tablet: Reading articles, e-books and the likes
Smartphone: e-mail, social networking, maps and messaging

While certain functions are definitely better on certain devices, there are chances that one could indulge in preferred activities on two or more devices. Gaming for that matter could work well on desktops or the new breed of 5-inch screen smartphones specifically designed for that purpose. At that point, a good experience will trump all else.

Considering that devices are evolving at baffling speed these days, designing a strategy keeping one particular device in mind demonstrates a serious lack in vision.

What marketers around the world should remember while creating mobile marketing strategies:

The consumer attention-span is getting shorter every day.
Combine that with a million messages coming at them constantly and you’ll realize how small your window of opportunity is to create an impression.

Behavior cannot be generalized.
Don’t gauge consumer behavior on a hunch. Do the research and avoid acting on hunches.

Understanding backed by evidence.
There are quite a few ways to gain insight into consumer behavior. First, optimize your fancy digital analytics platform to capture the information that you need regarding usage patterns of your audience. Second, make objective observations on usage. Third, conduct quick usage surveys with audiences to get their perspective.

Keep up.
When it comes to digital marketing, it certainly is a jungle out there. Stay at the top of your game in terms of technological advancement as well as innovation to fulfill audience expectations.

Maximize value.
It is the quintessential philosophy of modern marketing. No value, no point.



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