Why your Agency needs go beyond the Big Idea creative?

Marketing is no longer dominated by brilliant creatives. Brands need comprehensive frameworks like customer value maximization to stand out and succeed.

To compete and be relevant in today’s fragmented, disrupted, marketing/media world, marketers need to rethink their models and produce something more than just Big Creative Ideas. The real challenge that lies ahead for marketers is the fact that most agencies they currently work with or aspire to work with aren’t fully equipped to come up with possibilities beyond the ‘Big Idea Creative’ thinking.

Owning the internet for 2 milliseconds creative or exposure to a millions of viewers by airing a commercial right before lighting the Olympic torch are just fads which further no real marketing goals. Marketers must acknowledge that today’s requirement of creating memorable marketing programs hinge on an amalgam of Creative + Media + Technology + Analytics (what we like to call Customer Value Maximization).

Creative crews and Ad agencies should stick to doing what they do best–coming up with compelling communication ideas. And then pass the baton to professionals who transform these ideas to reality and tell you what works or does not for your brand.

The DNA of Traditional agencies is not oriented towards an Analytics, Process culture for starters and its inherently unfair for artists to be masked as scientists [read:-realists].

One doesn’t simply start thinking like an analyst or techie after spending years thinking like an artist or author. The conditioned mode of thinking best suit the output they create. Repeating an act and expecting a different outcome, is unlikely to produce the desired results. As creatures of habits marketers often find it difficult to let go of their existing Agencies, so here’s the solution:-

Please ask your agency to embrace a significant shift, new way of thinking not just for creative but for how their ‘Big Idea’ will actually work! And what if the Big Idea doesn’t work? Clearly, these are all long-term changes for an agency.

Memorable marketing doesn’t solely come from a creative crew. Its both multi-disciplinary and collaborative effort where Creative, Media, Technology and Analytics have to fire in tandem.

More on how to fuse the art and science to deliver that compelling marketing program you always wanted, in the next post

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