Web forms for lead generation: Worth the effort?

Thursday 11th, April 2013 ,

Web forms for lead generation: Worth the effort?

One of the least appreciated lead generation tactics are web forms. This post examines how much importance marketers should pay to creating flawless web forms.

From an outsider’s perspective, web forms may seem like the dullest means available to capture customer information and generate leads. However, every marketer worth his salt knows that a cleverly designed web form can encourage prospects to provide accurate information which would eventually result in higher quality leads. Web form design, therefore, requires careful thought and consideration before implementation.

At Xerago, we understand the importance of good form design and the role it plays in lead generation. For instance, the major focus for our banking clients is their assets business which includes credit cards, personal loans and home loans. Of late there has been extremely high focus on generating leads for credit cards. So we work on providing the world’s largest bank ideas for lead generation. For example, changes in banner inventory, designing new short forms, checking dropouts from the form and analyzing reasons behind the dropouts and so on. In the previous financial year, some of the innovations we had proposed to our client and executed have shown good results. Some of them are listed below:

Creation of short form for logout profiles:

A user could fall into any customer category – he can be a Cards customer, Banking customer etc. Obviously such customers will have access to the online banking facility. Once a user logs out from the online banking, he/she will be re-directed to a URL which is usually called a logout profile. Earlier there were various banners featured on the logout page. We subsequently suggested that the client have a form, which was then executed. For every category of customer, there logout profile is unique. For instance, if he/she is a banking customer, he/she will be provided a logout profile, where a short credit card form will be featured. For all gold-card customers the logout profile will feature a Premium Segment card which is Premier Miles short form.

This personalization of logout profiles has earned our client nearly 600 leads.

Creation of Short form for customers sans credit cards:

This is a very short form for a credit card, which is only targeted towards customers who do not have a credit card.

Step 1 :- Decision Management team takes a collection of prospects and collects all the details like, Name, Account No, Address, PAN No, Company details, Contact nos & Email ID.

Step 2:- Along with the above details for every individual prospect, there are unique parameters. All the prospects are sent mailers where the unique parameters are hidden. Once the user loads the URL in the mailer, the same will be populated in the URL like an e-offer code.

Step 3:- The user confirms whether he/she resides at the address provided in the bank account. If not, he/she also has an option to provide the current residential address.

Step 4:- In the same form, the user chooses from the type of cards provided in the drop-down list.

Step 5:- Once the details are captured in the data base, back end team performs dedupe on the data given by DM team.

This approach is currently being tested with a particular segment of customers before implementing it across other segments.

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