Volume Testing

Thursday 04th, April 2013
in QA

Volume testing is the technique which will test the software application for the certain amount of data in terms of throughput and efficiency. The purpose of volume testing is to determine system performance with increasing volumes of data in the database.

Volume testing, as its name implies that the testing purposely subjects an application to a series of tests where the volume of data being processed is tested. Applications such as transaction systems should be volume tested since it contains huge amount of data which captures real time sales. For example, in banking applications there exists several transaction processes so in such applications volume testing method becomes a mandatory task.

In-Depth performance of the system is tested with volume testing technique. A key to volume testing is the identification of the relevant capacity in an application. Total processing strength of an application is tested by volume testing method. For instance, the capacity of a messaging system can be tested based on the size of the messages being processed. Hope this volume testing post would be an informative one.

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