B2B Content Marketing – Not a Walk in the Park Part 2

Wednesday 17th, April 2013 ,

This post talks about the challenges that B2B marketers typically face when integrating content tactics into their digital marketing strategies.You can find the first part of this series here.

The challenges that B2B marketers face are quite similar across the industry. In Ascend2’s Marketing Strategy Outlook Survey, based on a poll of 456 marketing executives worldwide, it was found that B2B marketers found content creation to be most effective after e-mail marketing as a digital marketing tactic. But on the flip side, a significant number (39%) also found content creation to be the most challenging activity in digital marketing ahead of conversion rate optimization and social media. This brings us to the reasons why so many B2B marketers find content marketing so difficult:

  • The nature of content in B2B marketing requires a significant amount of focused research. Imagine trying to influence an organization’s purchase of a web analytics tool by trying to emphasize that ‘numbers are cool’. That would be akin to career suicide. What would work however is to demonstrate how the web analytics tool has helped other organizations in the past, how it fulfills the requirements of the organization and what results the web analytics tool can bring about.
  • The above-mentioned research is time-consuming making turnaround time for individual content pieces a lot longer than previously anticipated.
  • Considering that the target audience is so narrow and focused, a keen understanding of the audience psyche is also required. Understanding how B2B purchase decisions are made can prove extremely helpful in such cases.
  • Finding talent that combines industry-specific knowledge with fantastic writing skills is extremely difficult. This makes staff allocation particularly tricky.
  • Creation of original content that creates the required impact is harder than it seems.
  • Identifying the right metrics to track impact and influence leaves a lot of marketers confused and frustrated

Find solutions to this predicament in the next edition….

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