Towards Customer Satisfaction Part 3: Resolving CSAT Challenges for Airlines (concl)

With improved customer satisfaction rates, airlines can enjoy greater lift in customer relationship management efforts. Here’s how Xerago helped an airline boost CSAT count.

In the previous edition of the CSAT series, we mentioned how a leading airline had approached us to establish and implement a robust Customer Listening Program. After studying the situation, we crafted the following solution to improve customer retention and enhance customer relationship management.


Xerago’s solution proposed a Customer Listening Program Framework which consisted of 4 major phases.

Phase 1 – Initiation

This phase consisted of initiation activities such as

  1. Definition of project objectives
  2. Customer segment identification
  3. Data identification and assimilation
  4. Customer segment mapping and checking of data availability
  5. Identification of data gaps
  6. Internal reorganization for data acquisition

Phase 2 – Market Research

In this phase the market research methodology was put together, the audience defined, the best tool identified, survey designed and the administration plan was set up. The actual market research was carried out, the results of which were input into the data mart.

Phase 3 – Analytics

The planning and modeling team created the models for achieving the Listening Program objectives and generating the Customer Satisfaction Index Metrics. When the data mart was populated, the models were applied to the data mart for output.

The Customer Satisfaction Index measure per product/per channel was announced.

Phase 4 – Forecasting

A model was built to correlate Customer Satisfaction Index with revenues and utilize in order to forecast business performance.

Some of the tools that Xerago utilized for the customer listening program included customer surveys, mystery shopping, focus group interviews, customer advisory panels, service operating data capture, service reviews and more.

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