How ‘No frills’ operators can head north with a smarter perspective

No-frills airlines need marketing tactics that are aligned to their unique requirements. Here’s how customer value maximization can help in such cases.

Building the marketing funnel for the ‘No frills’ operator is an extremely challenging assignment. First things first, one needs to discard the orthodox Search heavy, and ONLY low cost channels kind of focus.

As a ‘No frills’ operators’ CMO, here are some key questions you need to ask yourself:-

  1. Channel mix:- What channels are currently being used? And whether channel attribution to customer profitability i.e. whether customers acquired through high cost channels are profitable or vice-versa?
  2. Media choices and respective vehicles:-Whether the right choice of media is deployed? Are we focusing too much on Search? What does our media attribution tell us?
  3. Campaigns:-What are the types of campaigns? Are we focusing too much on an urgent ‘Call to Action’ hard sell campaigns
  4. User Experience:- Do we manage our visitors expectation well? Do we provide for a seamless cross channel discovery?
  5. Communication strategy:-What line of communication is working? Are we using the same library across customer personas?

Eventually economic benefit will follow responsible Customer centric action never precede it.

And to succeed the ‘No frills’ operators like Air Asia, Air Arabia, Ethihad, and Tiger Air etc will have to embrace Customer Value Maximization maxim. For specific help please get in touch with the author.

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