Super Bowl XLVII, Social Media and Sassy Real-time Marketing

Super Bowl XLVII, Social media and Sassy Real-time marketing

Social media marketing when tapped into intelligently has the capability to capture attention and make an unprecedented impact. This post talks about the resulting success from combining social media and real time marketing.

The Super Bowl has been quite the focus of news all over the internet. The entire hoopla has been as much about social media marketing and technology as much as it has been about the game itself. This is evident from the

Essentially brands began to create buzz ahead of the game on Sunday with engaging campaigns. During the game, brands showcased their advertising capabilities with commercials that got tongues a-wagging and folks a-tweeting. The half-time show was reviewed minute by minute over Twitter and when the power outage caused collective groans, people turned to Twitter for updates. Sounds not-so-impressive? Well, consider the following facts:extensive coverage all over marketing and technology blogs. Emerging from the stories were surprising findings and some not so surprising findings ones. The one that got everyone to sit up and take notice though was brands’ ability or the lack thereof to engage in real-time marketing.

  • Twitter emerged as the preferred social medium overtaking Facebook with a mind boggling 24.1 million tweets about the game as well as the halftime show.
  • During the half-hour power outage, fans kept up with the game over Twitter. Brands leveraged this opportunity with clever advertising on their behalf making references to the outage
  • The total social media activity during the Super Bowl surpassed that of the entire year of 2012 (by approximately 3 times)!
  • Advertising prowess was at an all-time high as exhibited during the commercial spots. Almost 30% of the tweets were regarding the commercials. Popular ads included brands such as Chrysler, Mercedes, Samsung and Budweiser.
  • Studies by Nielsen indicated furthermore how consumers are increasingly turning to creating multiple-device environments for themselves increasing the need for cross-platform communication strategies.

The advertisements worked in tandem with social media buzz to create visibility for brands like never before.

What Super Bowl XLVII has done is prove to marketers that real-time marketing is possible to execute. However, it is possible provided the following is in place:

  • Velocity of thought and execution
  • A capable team to execute the plan
  • Clarity of existing brand story in order to build on it further

In turn, benefits from engaging in real-time marketing are manifold:

  • Communication relevant to audience
  • Minimal effort in capturing audience attention
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Chance to build higher levels of brand recall

What remains to be seen is how this knowledge of what real-time marketing is capable of doing will be leveraged in future by brands.



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