Why great campaigns need more than creatives

Perfect campaigns require the perfect combination of analytics, creatives, media and technology (what we call customer value maximization). Here’s why.

How many of us have been so irritated with irrelevant messages that come in to our inboxes and worse of on our mobile devices that we even wish we did not have them – and that they were more a nuisance than convenience? I can distinctly remember the time one of my friends who had recently taken a housing loan from a big bank. With other major expenses and his monthly loan repayment he was literally bleeding with expenditure. I was with him on one of those days, engaged in a busy conversation on how to tackle the financial mess he was in when we were continuously disturbed with beep on his phone. When he finally took it out to see what it was … he was alarmed to see messages from his bank promoting housing loans. And about the handset…. As they say rest is history.

This is just a one off example from the top of my mind. This incident and the experiences I have myself had previously make me think … do brands focus as much on who they need to target, as much as they focus on building databases. Yes, agreed that using a tool to send out a mass blast to the entire list, so painstakingly collected is easier. But the question is, how many of those messages are doing what they are supposed to be doing? Is it exciting them or irritating them?

Campaigns have more to it than what meets the eye. It is as much a science as much an art. The most successful campaigns have been those which use a combination of both. Creative is critical, Technology is a bare minimum. But there are two other elements that are so easily missed out which makes or breaks a campaign. Using analytics efficiently to gain intelligence and using the right kind of medium to reach to your audience are as critical as the first two. Data is being generated continuously which may be due to customer transactions, interactions, engagement. When you manage them in the right way it provides such powerful insights that form a firm foundation on which successful campaigns are built. Analytics is used to build campaigns and on execution generates more data that is used in improvising your campaigns. It also lets you target that group who are likely to respond to you campaign and helps achieve efficiency. On reaching through the right channel it becomes further more powerful.

All the above integrated with a robust process (such as customer value maximization) make campaign management powerful. This helps reduce human interventions as much as possible and increase operational and cost efficiency.

The benefits from this robust process orientation are manifold – qualitative and quantitative.

Quantitative: Helps Focus resources on customers who matter the most. This targeted messaging increases response rates. Better response rates leads to better achievement of business goals.

Qualitative: Deepen customer relationship, Engagement, Enables centralized decision making, Empowers continuous improvement, helps tackle multi-channel campaigning with ease.

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of introducing Customer Value Maximization in your Organization? Find out more through our services here


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