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Wednesday 09th, January 2013 , ,

Digital and online advertising now requires brands into incorporate promotions as part of valuable information so as to provide great consistent experiences.

To succeed with Digital Advertising, marketers will have to factor in context, personalization and localization and leverage the sweeping changes in Technologies. Brands will have to keep in mind the following to reap any returns from digital and online advertising:-

1. Responsive Design
With proliferation of devices online advertising professionals will have to ensure that their Ads fit in to the multiple devices, screen resolutions and experience formats. Hence there is a large movement towards responsive design. Responsive design helps in building contextual diversity, by not just optimizing content for the screen, but also the Ad unit. Screen diversity which typically determine the exposure quotient of your Ad is handled by responsive design.
2. Interactive Format changes
The concept of Rich media Ads made debut as early as 1997, and have been constantly improving over time. It will be hard for companies to be using existing proprietary ad formats, since pretty much the same experience will be offered. Brands will have to work with agencies to build custom interactive formats for their communication. A good example of how Hulu uses a few seconds of static “sponsorship text” to introduce pre-roll videos or how TED places a short sponsorship message in front of the ads would soften the irritation quotient to a large extent.
3. Converging channels and medium
Your customers are hopscotching across every channel consuming your brand communication in ways that you found hard to imagine. They research products on your web site, but buy in your branch. They spot an item in your catalog, and order it from their Tablets. They sign-up for utility payment online, then phone your call center to re-set password. Hence its extremely crucial for your Digital Ads to be an extension of your offline Ads and communication. The famous and viral Old Spice campaign is, a classic case in point where the physical Ad experience was seamlessly transitioned to the Digital experience.

4. In-Stream Advertising
Native advertising or In-stream advertising seem to be the flavor of this season. Leading the charge on native advertising are Facebook’s Sponsored Stories and Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, which reportedly are fueling the ad revenue growth of both companies and also providing advertisers with encouraging results. I have my share of skepticism here though, with privacy issues, ability to build context and medium suitability …the results currently seem to be proving otherwise.

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