Digital Marketing:Now and The Road Ahead

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Digital marketing is constantly evolving and has become imperative for businesses to master it. Knowing how the space will evolve can help to a great extent

NOW Over the last few years, businesses and marketers have been seeing a tremendous shift away from traditional marketing towards interactive marketing like display, social media, email marketing and search engine marketing. Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly vital part of their overall marketing mix to help businesses reach new audiences and look after existing customers in a personalized and highly targeted manner.

Consumers today are “media and channel agnostic.” They use phones to tweet while watching the Television, play Words with Friends on their tablets in between email exchanges with colleagues. And this makes Digital a powerful media and and channel choice for marketers.

Digital marketing however cannot completely replace traditional marketing. Marketing mix will always involve a mix of both online and offline tactics and both of these will have the same traditional components to it.

As far as the future is concerned, if the basics of a digital marketing strategy at the moment include email marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, referral and affiliate marketing and increasingly social media, then the digital marketing strategies of tomorrow will likely include the same. The innovation that represents the future of digital marketing is primarily in how each channel is represented, managed and utilized – focusing more on value to the end user and striving to maximize their experience beyond anything else.

Digital marketing trends are constantly in a state of flux and changing globally. Marketers continue to find newer and innovative ways of leveraging context, and personalization to their digital marketing programs and driving for higher than ever RoIs.

Given below are some current changes that will shape the future:-

  1. Search Engine Optimization will become more content driven than it has been in the recent past due to Google’s change of search algorithm.
  2. Mobiles and tablets are becoming the foremost medium to access the internet rather than PCs and laptops.
  3. Marketing budgets are shifting from the traditional methods to social platforms with facebook at the head of the line.
  4. The importance of video is increasing with Youtube videos going viral and creating a much better visibility than ever imagined
  5. Even while we are right in the middle of a Smart phone and touch device explosion, newer technologies like Googles and Eye lens are busy replacing the touch expereince to a virtual reality immersive experience



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