Back to the basics

Given how businesses need to stay updated with marketing developments to stay afloat, the basics are often forgotten. This post tells you why organizations should never compromise on the basics.

Developments in digital marketing are moving at breakneck speed these days. A lot of us may find ourselves glued to what the maestros are saying on their blogs and elsewhere lest we missed some major news while we slept the previous night. One look around the internet reading up on trends in digital marketing leaves us feeling confused altogether. Is social media still growing? Is it passé? Should everyone be investing in the development of mobile apps? Is native advertising important or is it merely old wine in a new bottle? With experts often going this way and that over what will be popular and what won’t, it’s easy to get befuddled and lose track of the direction one was headed in.

No matter what practice/technology emerges as the latest craze, there are some basic tenets that will hold good for businesses timelessly. Technologies and processes will in turn build on those tenets in various forms. Here are some:

Drop the indifference:
Cultivate respect for and interest in what the customer wants. The customer will always remain the central force around which you need to align your business no matter what snazzy technology comes along. At the core of your business, you should be striving to understand your customers’ psyche and then addressing them in effective ways. Without the customers, businesses are zilch.

Do you know what you’re saying?
Are the messages from your organization clear and consistent? Without clarity, it’s easy to contradict yourself at occasions and leave your audience confused and mistrustful. What can spare you this unfortunate situation is making sure that you know what exactly you want to communicate at the outset. Take a look at Simon Sinek’s talk on The Golden Circle. Once you get the ‘Why’ figured out, all else should follow just like Little Bo Peep’s lost sheep.

Think cross-platform:
Once you know what you’re going to say, you need to figure out where and when you’re going to say it. Keep in mind that audiences aren’t associated with a single platform anymore. Everything is available to almost everyone and that right there is a powerful piece of knowledge. Ensure that your message doesn’t lose its worth in the little eccentricities of different platforms. The ideal thing to do would be to create carefully thought out strategies of reaching out that are platform agnostic (translate equally well no matter what the platform).

Maximize value:
Offer something of value to your customer – product/service/information/guidance/support – then maximize that value constantly.

Grandeur is now irrelevant:
Ogilvy swore by the notion of having a big idea and believed it was essential for success. The notion made sense when outbound means of gaining attention were the norm. You had to be flamboyant to be seen. Today it’s all about functionality and how you’re making your customers’ lives better. Execution is everything. Your idea can be seemingly small and simple yet extremely powerful when executed right.

United we stand:
If you’ve been worrying about making the choice between digital marketing or conventional forms of marketing, here’s reason to rejoice. Commonsense dictates that all diversity eventually merges into one and so will all the forms of marketing – traditional/modern, online/offline etc. Read more about it here

We’ve all had shopping experiences where overtly eager salespersons have reeled off their sales scripts without taking a breath or providing an opportunity to say “no thank you”. These sincere employees would make a much better impression if they knew what the customer really wanted. And how would they know that? By listening to what the customer wants and looking out for signs where they can up sell. Your customers are constantly seeking products and services to meet their requirements and most of them are willing to express it. So give them a chance and listen!

Power from within:
Make the effort to connect to your employees. Positive work energy is the best investment irrespective of what your product or service may be.

Obsessing over technological advancements is futile especially if one isn’t getting the basics right. It can never hurt to go back to the basics every now and then.

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