Campaign management: Killing subjectivity

Campaign management: Killing subjectivity

In the absence of effective campaign management solutions, businesses suffer without a clear direction in which way it’s headed. This post makes a case for robust campaign management.

When we talk about campaign management I am often reminded of a client we have worked with – a global firm who had been running campaigns with the objective of generating leads. But over time what was seen was a stagnation of results and their expectation of online campaigns complementing other offline and marketing plans in helping generate new referral based leads going down the drain. Cost efficiency and conversion rates took a big hit and the marketing team’s mood during the talk my colleague had with them is best described by two words – frustration and desperation.

Marketing in the yesteryears had always been viewed as an intangible activity – more creative and less analytical and the work of an artist and not a businessman. The logical reasoning behind such clichéd line of thought had primarily been – difficulty in measuring outcomes of these initiatives and returns. In this context the advent of online campaigns was seen as a welcome activity that could have clarity of purpose as against the traditional brick and mortar ways of campaigning. Initially, after every campaign – seen as a standalone event, marketers used to return to their routine, waiting till the next campaign.

This campaign paradigm has swiftly changed now. Businesses are beginning to wonder if there is a better way to do campaigns. And if there is such a way, what are they?

With marketing being driven more and more by clear needs to drive businesses and not just a fine piece of art or a beautiful verse penned down, marketers are getting increasingly frustrated, just as our client I had mentioned earlier by not getting objective answers to many questions about their campaigns and the spends associated with them. Businesses are looking deeper and coming up with issues that refuse to go away – exploding channel availability and excessive data generation at supersonic speed.

Issues like these are a strong signal that businesses need a system in place that brings an objectivity into their marketing spends by bringing total control.

This had to happen at some point of time – replace subjectivity with objectivity, or at least this was what we did for our client. A simple yet robust process that throws light on where you are? , where you are moving? and what you need to do to stay on course and get what you want. Objectivity in this context is defined by your ability to rationalize and answer questions that were not long ago been considered intangible. Answers to questions such as Did my campaign reach the right audience? Is it cost-effective? Is the execution efficient enough? Answers to these and several more of such answers lends itself in determining the course of action.

On inspecting our client’s campaign system we could find answers to several of these questions, such as lack of cost efficiency, that had resulted due to too much process overheads resulting from manual interventions in excess. What needs to be done? A proper campaign management platform that works in a closed loop fashion – using data to extract intelligence and construct campaign strategy accordingly. No guesses..A systematic approach always delivers results ….The cost saving were a whopping $3M in a year and a 60% increase in efficiency.

Careful measurement , robust management always lend themselves to maximize returns.

This is the next big step every marketer needs to be taking… kill subjectivity.



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