Web analytics – Making you a better marketer

Sunday 02nd, September 2012 ,

Web analytics - Making you a better marketerWeb analytics tools can provide useful insights that could prove invaluable to decision making. Here’s a quick guide to how marketers can derive the best from it.

Data generated through your online channels, if properly collected and tapped into through web analytics tools can be a very valuable tool to help design and improvise strategies. Collecting data is one thing but how you use them is extremely critical.

You may have had some offline activity that has driven traffic to your site. For eg. A press coverage, a TVC or a print ad. This could drive a lot of traffic to your site. This activity needs to be tracked clearly so that when you draw strategies you have a clear understanding of how your online and offline campaigns are working for you. So the take away is : track both offline and online campaigns.

How do your visitors reach you? You need to find out the sources that drive traffic to your site. This would allow you to find out which of your campaigns worked and which did not. It could be online ads, eDms, Social media. Which of it works the best? The answer to this would help you plan your marketing spend accurately. This also helps you determine how well search engines index the content on your site. Take away : Analyze your traffic.

You have got visitors to your site. But what next? Converting them to business or a lead. To ensure this you need to offer compelling content, a good user experience, clear call to action. Multivariate testing, A/B testing and landing page optimizations help give the right message to the right people at the right time. This helps in driving conversion rates up. Determine which keywords are giving you the best top, middle, and bottom of the funnel leads. Take Away : Measure conversion.

You realize that there is a sudden rise in traffic over the last ten days. On analyzing you realize that it is because of the set of new pages that has been added recently. On drilling down further you realize that the traffic has been due to a particular section in the newly added pages. This means that has been compelling and matching the needs of your visitors. More content in relation to this can be added. Take away: Track, Analyze, Action change.

Knowing your marketing ROI helps marketers plan their marketing budgets, knowing where to focus and where not to. A closed loop marketing design helps you measure, evaluate, restructure, monitor and perform continual improvements that optimizes your marketing expenditure.

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