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Monday 03rd, September 2012 ,

Interpretation - the king of web analyticsMost web masters have integrated their websites to a free or paid web analytics tool. They visit their site analytics on a daily basis. This article explains the critical details that need to be checked and the inference that could be derived from these data.

Just visiting and tracking the analytics data alone is not enough to improve site performance. We need to make calculated decisions using these data. Based on the inference we should update and make required alterations in the website to derive benefits such as increased traffic, keyword optimization. Let us see some of the critical data and the related inferences.

Entrance keywords. Entrance keywords are the keywords used by the visitor in their search term before landing on our web page. These entrance keywords provide an idea about the information needed by the visitor. Based on the top entrance keywords we can pen additional content with rich info on the entrance keywords and related terms, thus providing enriched info for the visitor.

Top Landing pages and navigation summary. The top landing pages are the most visited pages in your website. Using navigation summary you can track the subsequent pages visited by the visitor. You can provide links to your least performing web page in these top landing pages to improve the chances of visibility.

Real time web analytics & Bounce rate. Real time web analytics provides live info about your website such as the demography of the visitor, the keyword used by the visitor to land on your page. In case the visitor searching for the term “Java certification” lands on your page and bounces immediately, you can infer that you need to provide more useful content for that keyword.

Demographics. Demographics tells you the geographic location of your visitors. For example, if most of the visitors for your website are located in US, you can add region specific content and bait for more such traffic.

In page analytics. In page analytics provides data relating to percentage of clicks for the links provided in your web page along with content consumption details. You can track visitor behavior and the content worthiness in each of your pages and thereby make content changes.

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