Embracing social media marketing success

Tuesday 28th, August 2012 ,

Embracing social media marketing successBusinesses often mistake minor statistics to be major social media marketing wins. This post tells you why social success is beyond ‘likes’ and ‘followers’.

“Thank you all for helping me reach 2000 Likes”. “Have reached 1000 followers”. “Like me and I will like you back”. Have been reading quite a few posts of this kind of late. But are these converting to what you eventually want? The messages are a clear indication that several of them are talking what they feel is important and are sure that their so called followers and fans are listening to them. But this is far from being true. The very essence of social media marketing is to make it as two way as possible. The key is to invite, build trust, engage and derive valuable insights that help you improve. I have heard from several people though, who argue that all they want from social media marketing a.k.a face book and twitter (not the entire social media landscape) is creating visibility and recall. But the key issue being missed out is – are you creating your visibility amongst your target audience?. Is the hair gel company creating visibility amongst people with great hair and are bound to use the gel? This leads to the point – the “likes” , “fans”, “followers” is never a primary goal.

If you need to convert your activity to a lead or business you need to engage with them. Here again the critical point is Engagement is not equal to the number of posts you make or number of tweets. Are you giving them information they are looking for – or else you would drive them away. Are your potential customers or target group talking to you through the platform or are they talking amongst themselves about your services or products? This is very critical as the insights drawn from the engagement is something that would help you move closer to driving your business goals through this inbound channel.

Listening is a skill that needs to be honed if you are to use your social media channels effectively. As mentioned earlier listen to what your target group say. And to make this meaningful – people you engage with needs to be your target group. Focus on quality and not quantity be it the number of members on your platforms or the information you share, all the more critical when you operate in the B2B space. Listen to what your TG has to say – may be their problems for which you have the answer, experiences, feedback, problems they have faced while using your services, could be anything. But you need to use this to make that minor change that could create a huge impact in your business.

In traditional media you attract, interact and manage. But with social media marketing you need to find the right audience first, build trust, create meaningful engagement plans and finally drive business goals. It is definitely not a over night wonder and patience is another attribute you may have to develop along with engaging and listening.


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