Social media marketing engagement – Goal or a result?

Social media marketing engagement - Goal or a result ?In the urgency to adopt social media marketing tactics, many businesses consider engagement as a goal instead of a result. This results in sub-par outcomes.

How do companies measure social media engagement, and how does that affect their social media marketing strategy?

Many companies are looking at engagement as a goal. So they manufacture lists of posts to hopefully get more likes and shares. The goal thus becomes driving is to drive more likes and shares, which is wrongly termed as engagement. So if more likes and shares are seen they feel they have enabled great engagement. This is a key point everyone has to note.

“Engagement is a result and not a goal”.

The goal should be to produce content or activities that is so good that people like to consume and thus talk about.

In what ways do marketers conform traditional advertising strategies to social media marketing?
The problem with lots of companies is that in their drive to create content they become very company centric and start talking about themselves a bit too much. For eg. They keep posting ads, offers all the time that people get terribly bored in a very short time and gradually leave. The people need to be given what they would like to consume so that they get hooked on to it and let other people see it as well.

What’s the difference between traditional and social media?
In traditional media you attract attention, interact with them, manage them and realize results. Whether good or bad results are seen instantly.

In social media the first key challenge is to make it engaging enough so that you earn the attention of the audience. Your audience lead and you follow. You need to let them be in control. On top of this, patience is required as results are not seen instantly.
Reiterating – likes, shares alone is not a measure of success.

What can be considered as a measure of social media marketing success?
There is no single answer. What may be termed as success for one may not really be the case for someone else. So the first most critical thing is to define what the take out from your social media initiative is. It may be to drive registrations, a customer service platform, to drive sales. So the metrics would be relevant to that. No. of registrations, Sales generated, Insights obtained, how much traffic they are driving to your site to name a few.
So the most critical thing is to define what you need to achieve through your social media marketing initiatives.


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