A 6-point test for a powerful campaign

Campaign management can be simple with a keen understanding of fundamentals and the right tools to help the process. Here are pointers for great campaigns.

1. Go local

Be roman in Rome. Be part of the audience you are talking to and not an alien. To make your marketing results effective customize your campaigns to match their taste. For eg. Celebrate events that matters to the local crowd by throwing a relevant offer.. say a free hat on a hot summer day in the beach. Use several co-ordinates such as festivals, climate, political scene, celebrations etc. Make them feel you are one among them.

2. Differentiate

How are you different from your competitor? If the difference is probably in the shape of your bottle, but the drink in it remains the same then that is not something that could help you for long. You need to promote the difference it creates to the end user. That’s what would make them care for your product. Make them compelling not only by being overly creative but by strong messaging. Have clear call to actions.

3. Customize

Customize not just the messages but also based on channel you relay them in. Short and sweet for a smart phone, visual treat for a tablet to give an example.

4. Be searchable

Optimize your content for searches. You may have the best content in the world but unless your audience locates you it makes little difference. Irrespective of the type of content you are creating and using optimize it to improve visibility.

5. Make it Share friendly

Ensure your promotion and messaging makes people share it. Dry messaging doesn’t excite enough to make people pass it on. But promotions, offers , additional relevant information make people share it . The more they share the more visibility you create.

6. Go Multimedia

Videos tend to make information easy to consume and good videos are share friendly as well. Videos tend to increase conversion rates. So try to create a few videos that excite your audience and this is industry agnostic.



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