A 6-point checklist to kick start your online initiative

Tuesday 05th, June 2012 ,

An internet marketing checklist to take your business onlineTaking businesses online requires flexible yet foolproof internet marketing strategies. Here are some aspects to keep in mind when your initiative goes online.

With markets continuously evolving and the requirements of your TG changing everyday it is of utmost importance that you need to keep monitoring your internet marketing strategy on regular intervals. Communications methodology needs to be tailored to match every of your customer thus making them powerful. If you do not keep pace with rapidly changing Internet marketing trends, and offer new and inspired ideas to your customers someone else will. This year will see over three quarters of population will be online and over sixty eight million people will use smart phones.

Content is King : This is something that no one should ignore. Create extensive content covering relevant topics you deal with. Share news from your industry, repurpose blog posts as articles or social media posts, drive traffic to your content by external links/ posts such as on social media.

Study Carefully : When you come with ideas and internet marketing strategies make sure they would interest your TG and not just because your feel it sounds good. Take up a study to understand patterns and trends in your TG’s behavior and habits online. The same may not work for everyone. So construct a basket of offers and communication so that you touch the greatest number.

Test before your run : After identifying what internet marketing strategy you believe is best suited for your customers it’s time to test. You may find that what you thought you could do, isn’t quite working out and your plan needs tweaking. Take this opportunity to make changes while your plan is still in the planning phase, so that you do not waste resources only to realize they don’t work.

Don’t stop with a single approach: Every of your customer is not the same. You may have the greatest product in the world but how you take it to your TG is very critical. Each of your customer needs to be treated to what he is comfortable with. For eg. Content may be presented as a blog, an extensive web site, video, articles, case studies, webinars,podcasts to name a few.

Monitor your initiatives: Measurement is one of the most important exercises in your marketing mix. Without proper measurement, you will be ineffective in scaling and duplicating your process. You need to measure not just the ends goals but also how each step, channel, method is performing so that improvements can be made and poor performers can be scrapped.

Give time for it to work :. Taking your internet marketing strategy to the next level is a journey that will help your team build process along the way. The time that it takes to generate results will vary from company to company depending on your industry, if you are B2B or B2C, and who your audience is. Wait for your marketing strategies to work. If you properly monitor, evaluate and iterate they would definitely work for you.



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