Demystifying Unica Campaign

Monday 12th, March 2012 ,

Campaign management tools should be chosen with care to truly make a difference to marketing programs. Here’s what Unica Campaign can do.

The key point of any successful marketing is to make the customer realize their importance by speaking to them individually. IBM Unica campaign allows us to present specific target offers to the customers through right channels. It not only allows us to design and execute the campaigns but also provides features to track campaign responses. It also complements extensive reporting enhancements.

Benefits of Unica Campaign

  • Reduce campaign cycle time and time-to-market and increase campaign volume
  • Reduce costs of marketing campaigns
  • Improve response rates and business results by increasing the precision of campaign targeting
  • Deepen customer relationships, loyalty and lifetime value
  • Enable cross-channel marketing by using centralized decision making

The key system functionalitiesDemystifying Unica Campaign

  • Create and used multiple data source inputs from multiple data types
  • Merge, manipulate & segment customer data into groups
  • Create selection criteria of campaign target list and response
  • Create and manage offers and communications
  • Create control group for campaign performance tracking
  • Generate target list in predefined format to integrate with execution channels
  • Create strategic segments for frequently used criteria
  • Store contact history and response history data.
  • Automate lifecycle and event driven communications

Unica Campaign process











Campaigns – Process Flow

An offer represents a single marketing message, which can be deliver in a variety of ways. An offer can be re-used in different campaigns, at different points in time, or across different groups of people and as different “versions” by varying the offer’s parameterized fields.

Flowcharts are made up of processes, which you configure to perform the actual data manipulation, contacts, scheduling, and response tracking required for your campaign. In effect, the processes are how you define and implement a campaign.

Flowcharts are developed by combining different Process Boxes designed to help execute Campaign tasks such as:


  • Selecting and segmenting customers
  • Choosing the appropriate customers to target
  • Assigning Offers to cells
  • Defining the required output for contact

Features of Unica:

Segmentation, offer and channel assignment: a powerful, flexible, flowchart-based interface to manage campaigns, including audience segmentation, exclusions, and assignment of offers and channels.

Interaction history: a complete history, for each customer or prospect, of contacts made, offers presented and response or nonresponse – critical to building an effective on-going dialogue.

Highly reusable: Nearly any element you create can be used in subsequent campaigns.

Scheduling, list generation and output formatting: complete campaign execution capabilities, including the ability to schedule multiple campaign waves and access data from multiple sources in nearly limitless formats.

Response attribution: closes the loop by attributing responses of direct, indirect, or inferred to campaigns using several attribution methods (best match, fractional, multiple, and custom).

Reporting and analysis: standard campaign reports and other key analyses are included, a flexible and open datamart allows custom data to be incorporated into reports and any 3rd-party tools to be used.

Social Media Integration: output from Unica Campaign directly to Facebook user walls or Twitter Direct Messages.

Unica Campaign’s Unique Strengths:

  • Proven ability to manage the most complex campaigns: advanced segmentation, cross-channel, multi-wave
  • Performance and scalability to run campaigns involving the largest customer databases
  • Flexible architecture allows campaigns to access and use data stored anywhere
  • Pioneering offer management capabilities – still the most completed capabilities available




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