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Campaign management is no easy feat. To achieve the desired outcomes marketers need competitive tools like IBM Unica Enterprise Marketing Management to stay ahead.

Picture this. A large-scale commercial bank with huge amount of customer data feels the need to execute automated marketing campaigns and service inbound customer requests as well as detect behavior trends early on so that a marketing opportunity is not lost by contacting the customer too late. However, when analyzing its marketing challenges, the bank finds that it faces difficulties in the following aspects:

  • Generating leads based on customer behavior patterns and trends.
  • Segmenting and filtering the generated leads into different customer segments and pushing them to different marketing channels.
  • Optimizing the leads based on modeled data like propensity and avoiding contact fatigue by following bank contact policies (e.g. not more than 4 outbound marketing messages for a product per customer in a quarter ).
  • Automating a widely used marketing channel like email to use the above leads.
  • Finally effective reporting on the abovementioned activities to be able to measure the effectiveness of the marketing effort and improve the efficiency of future campaigns.

The truth is that most organizations (or in this instance, banks) face similar challenges in their marketing programs. So what can they do address these issues in a way that unifies and optimizes their efforts? These challenges are best answered with the use of campaign tools that provide holistic solutions to campaign management rather than a set of disparate fixes.

Towards this end, the Unica Enterprise Marketing Management is an option most marketers should consider adopting. Enterprise Marketing Management or EMM tools deal with various aspects of marketing automation. Broadly speaking these aspects cover Lead detection, Campaign Management, Lead optimization, Email marketing, Integration with other communication channels and Measurement and report generation.

The components of Unica Enterprise Marketing Management can effectively resolve the marketing challenges that keep businesses from achieving their objectives. Unica Detect is an Event Based Marketing tool which uses a very powerful engine and pre built statistical functions to sift through huge amount of customer transactional data and identify customers who fit into typical patterns. These patterns are identified by the business logic and requirements. E.g. detecting a customer with a pattern that indicates attrition.

The Unica Campaign tool helps automation of the segmentation and filtering of the leads generated and associating an offer to the selected, segmented and filtered leads. It also helps maintain schedules of campaigns by automating their execution.

Very often the same leads are selected for multiple marketing campaigns across various products within the same period of time causing contact fatigue. Unica Optimize helps use modeled data like propensity scores and enforces the bank contact policies on the leads selected above so that only the most appropriate offer is sent to the customer.

Unica eMessage is an email automation tool that picks up the leads filtered by the above processes and sends the required marketing creative to the respective customers with appropriate customizations to give the message a more personal touch.

All the above tools have separate inbuilt reporting functionality providing the required feedback necessary to measure the effectiveness of the marketing effort. Unica’s Enterprise Marketing Management suite helps marketers transform all facets of marketing to engage customers in highly relevant, interactive conversations across digital, social, mobile and traditional marketing channels.



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