Driving personalization initiatives with Unica eMessage

Driving personalized campaigns with UnicaMarketing campaigns require personalization for maximized impact. In this post, we describe how a tool such as Unica eMessage can power personalized campaigns.

E-mail and mobile are critical communication channels for most marketing organizations today. Marketers are focusing on completely integrating their customer data with a messaging service to ensure fully targeted and personalized messages. Personalized communication is effective as your messages can be delivered quickly and cost effectively. Marketers look forward to ensure delivery and maintaining deliverability by handling the execution of mails and mobile marketing. Personalized communication is faster, easier, better and smarter. It has always been true in marketing that the more steps you require the customer to take, the more chances you have of losing them. Whether your goal is to get someone to buy a product, download an eBook or sign up for a webinar, people are always more likely to act when the action is fast, easy and personal. Through personalizing content to each person’s interests and behavior, marketing makes a stronger connection and convert more leads into sales figures. The messages are much more likely to get attention and spur action when the topic, timing, and content are personalized.

Unica eMessage (or IBM eMessage as it is called now), a companion product to Unica Campaign, provides on-premise software for designing campaigns and messages and delivery and deliverability services. It provides the best of both worlds by ensuring best-in-class campaign management. It involves on-premise software for targeting and personalization which allows you to use the full range of your customer data for segmentation, targeting, personalization and event-triggering. Furthermore, with on-demand services for delivery and deliverability IBM eMessage ensures that messages are reaching the recipients. IBM eMessage also involves robust content creation and management. Extensive reporting and analysis and cross channel integration ensures deep insight into performance. Email and mobile messaging woven together with other outbound and inbound channels, both online and offline, creates an interactive marketing dialogue with customers.

IBM eMessage supports the entire life cycle of email and mobile marketing messages, from idea generation to post campaign analysis. IBM eMessage’s powerful combination of on-premise software and hosted delivery services makes the process of sending email and mobile marketing messages a lot faster as it involves fewer steps and less manual data movement. It is also easier as less integration work is included, delivery and deliverability is outsourced and there is a single vendor relationship to manage. It is also cheaper since there is no need to pay premium prices just to get messages delivered. IBM eMessage allows synchronization with other outbound and inbound channels and enables an interactive cross-channel dialogue with customers.

IBM eMessage therefore is a smart way to send in personalized messages as it gives you a more complete understanding of the revenue messages drive and deep insight into post-click-through customer behavior.



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