The challenge to create concept-driven work

Friday 02nd, December 2011

For creatives to make the desired impact, there is one aspect that needs to drive the design as well as copy – the concept. Read on to know more.

A good percentage of the art fraternity in the digital industry lay utmost emphasis on the design per say. They heavily invest their time and effort in churning out striking visuals and treatments which, according to them, is enticing, arresting and therefore functional. In the process, designers tend to overlook a most significant aspect that dramatically determines the effectiveness of a creative work. To use a conventional term, it is called ‘concept’.

The biggest hitch faced by the design heads in driving home the importance of concept-driven creatives is that there seems to be a pre-fixed notion in designers that visuals and treatments over rule the big idea. In every brain-storming session, where we are supposed to come out with creative solutions, designers spontaneously start thinking of visual obects, colours, treatments, so on and so forth. While these are vital in creating an impact, one should not forget that these alone cannot result in creative optimization. Be it advertising or digital or any communication-driven industry, it is the concept that drives creative optimization.

A holistic understanding of the product category, cognizance of consumer behaviour, the sensitivity to empathize with consumers and the ability to perceive creativity from consumers’ point of view will collectively make our work engage better with our Target Group and hence produce more meaningful results.

As design heads, an effort to re-orient the creative process to achieve the above-mentioned points, is a colossal challenge. We persist in our effort to elevate the standards of the design. But, as they say, unlearning is far more difficult than learning.


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