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Thursday 10th, November 2011

Success of any organization depends on the right team to drive the required results. Here’s how organizations can ensure the right mix of skills throughout.

When CXO’s leave organizations, there is a process called “succession planning” that happens, which is basically a high-level executive replacement process. The idea behind not calling this just a replacement is, well, obvious. There is so much more that a CXO is to have contributed and so just a CV to CV match may not work, or at least that is the thought process.

Now, question is – if we can borrow a few best practices from this succession planning even at a much junior level. Basically, what we are trying to see is to how to bring about a methodical replacement even for a down-the-line junior technical or functional consultant. I think this is essential because just like the CXO, a programmer (or creative folks or an admin executive, or any junior role) brings that extra something to his role (now, we are talking about the good, respected guys who have earned a good name for themselves in their roles and not the regular John doe).

Let us assume a Java programmer decides to leave (from his current project or the company) and this particular individual has done quite well. How does the replacement process work? There is just a profile match that is done by the HR Manager and they just pass a similarly experienced programmer. Question is – does this necessarily give us the right candidate? It does not, in many cases! What is missing here is that at a profile level, there may be an exact match but at a personal level, there is a bit extra “magic” that the earlier person has demonstrated. This is often the difference between a good profile candidate and a great profile candidate.

HR teams must be encouraged to stop looking at just profile matches and do a bit of mind-mapping even while doing junior level replacement. Often, that may be the difference between a star and an also-ran!


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