Web Analytics Agency

Web Analytics is a technique used for the collection, measurement, analysis and reporting of the data concerning the use of websites and web applications.

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Marketing Intelligence

Times change. Customers evolve. And their expectations alter. Marketing re-invents itself to keep pace with all these changes. In this section, we will bring you a series of articles that showcase various aspects of marketing, significant trends, and interesting subjects that we know will pique your fancy and more importantly, be useful for you as…

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Small Tweaks – Big Results

Introduction $7 Billion from One Small Tweak – A True Story! (3 minute read) Ole Kirk was a worried but determined man. A fire had destroyed his furniture factory completely. Yet here he was, building a bigger factory and seeing it as an opportunity. Tragedy struck again, this time, in the form of the Great…

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9 Indicators of Digital Analytics Transformation 


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