Indicators of Digital Marketing Transformation [Complete Guide]

Digital Marketing is a vast function involving both paid and organic efforts. Organic efforts pay high returns with little investment. Paid efforts deliver quick returns but at a price. While each has its merits, this article studies them closely to see if they need transformation. Paid Efforts #1 – Campaigns are media-centric not audience-focused How…

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Should brands ditch Facebook ads as part of a privacy transformation?

When it comes to online advertising, data is everything. So let’s look at some: More than 230 million Americans are active on Facebook. They make up a substantial slice of the $189bn global mobile marketing industry. Facebook ads drive 32 billion calls per year to American businesses. 26% of users who click a Facebook ad…

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Measuring Marketing Transformation – Part 1

Next to supply chain, marketing is most affected due to the pandemic. Initially, marketers played their cards close to their chests, expecting the pandemic to be a short term thing. But once they realized that it was here to stay for a while, most of them, including the ones who were digitally naïve, were forced…

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9 Indicators of Digital Analytics Transformation 


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