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A massive EMM Stack integration and campaign management capability empowerment for a large Indian Bank

A massive EMM Stack integration and campaign management capability empowerment for a large Indian Bank

The Client

Our client is an Indian private sector bank headquartered in Mumbai, offering a wide range of banking products and financial services to a large number of corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and specialized subsidiaries. In this bank, technology is used to enable business initiatives. Bank connects customer journeys and their life stages and places the customer at the centre of Kotak’s entire digital approach.


The Challenge

The Bank, with its aggressive business expansion and growing customer base across the country, implemented an enterprise marketing stack to organize their marketing and to engage with customers quickly through offers at all possible touch points.

But a mere implementation of the EMM stack was not able to achieve the intended objectives because of multiple data sources, CRM systems and channels apart from the vast amount of customer data that had to be integrated. The main challenge was to make these disparate systems that had been functioning in silos without interacting with each other so far, to talk to each other.

And so the Bank was struggling to find the right marketing technology implementation partner who was capable of understanding business & marketing function needs and translating that into a flawless and effective implementation. They needed someone with domain knowledge and implementation expertise to set up an Enterprise solution in their large set up.

The Solution

Xerago has over 15 years of experience in implementing marketing automation platforms in large organizations in the banking and financial sector, so it was no surprise that the Bank picked us to execute this rather challenging task. A firm believer in process-oriented approaches for the effective execution and implementation of any task, we set up a project team consisting of technology and marketing function experts, did an audit of the situation and requirements, and then came up with an implementation plan.

As there was data in various formats coming from more than 30 different sources, it was recommended by the Engineering team to integrate all of them with the existing EMM stack with a middle ware in the form of Online data Store (ODS). The architecture of the ODS was proposed by the solution architecture team keeping in mind the large data volume building into it, the capability of scaling up.

The next important customer data system that needed to be integrated with EMM was the CRM system. In this Bank, the Siebel contact center system was being used which was a closed loop system that was not compatible with the stack. Reviewing the current environment, Xerago realized that creating a closed loop marketing system by integrating IBM Campaign and Siebel Contact Center would be the ideal solution.

In order to get the contact centre and EMM stack to interact with each other the custom development of web services was done to establish connectivity and dialog between the systems. This web service, based on WSDL standards was used to integrate IBM Campaign and Siebel Contact Center such that the two systems could communicate with each other. Now the Siebel Contact Center application would communicate appropriate treatment, offer and campaign details with IBM Campaign via this service. IBM Campaign would communicate the customer / prospect list to the Siebel Contact Center using this web service and temporary data base structure.

The next important thing was to take care of the inbound channels of communication/ customer touch points. Website (pre-login and post-login), IVR & Branch were the three most widely used channels by inbound traffic and these were integrated with the EMM stack. In order to integrate the inbound channels with IBM interact, a custom web service was developed and two systems were made to interact with each other in real time, which helped remove the dissonance between communications sent out to customers via various channels and through various touch points. Because of this unified approach the customer experience also improved significantly.

Once the systems were successfully integrated, there was the need to improve multi-channel campaign targeting and efficiency, and maximize the revenue from the existing customer base. To facilitate the multichannel, multiwave campaigns across customer lifecycles for huge customer base of 14.5 million effectively and to get access to latest features of the platform, the EMM stack needed time to time version upgrades. Xerago managed the process of version upgrade for their IBM Campaign environment from to 10.1 for the following modules of the EMM stack

  • IBM Marketing Platform
  • IBM Campaign
  • IBM Marketing Operations
  • IBM Interact

Integrated IBM Campaign with IBM Silverpop

Our database and implementation team Performed incremental migration to achieve zero downtime during business hours in record time with Zero impact on daily business operations and without doing the code change by the Bank. And although the Bank had a large internal campaign execution and analytics team, to ensure the daily execution of huge campaign volumes of multiwave multichannel campaigns they needed an expert technical support team for the IBM EMM platform on an ongoing basis. Xerago has been providing them with technical support for campaign execution and platform management through a team of dedicated resources.

With all these co-ordinated efforts of various technical and functional teams the implementation was one of its kind and a great success.

The Results

The efficient project planning, focused and process oriented approach of Xerago team , well co-ordinated efforts of various stakeholders from Business Analysis, Engineering, s/w Development, Campaign Development, database teams, IBM cloud implementation & Marketing SME made this one of its kind highly customized implementation a great success.

  • In record time without disturbing the regular operations of various systems
  • Without tinkering to the code base and by developing all the web services externally from EMM stack
  • By integrating two different CRM platforms seamlessly for effective offer management
  • By Integrating 30 different data sources, multiple Inbound and outbound customer channels to the EMM stack
  • And by doing Version upgrades for the EMM stack