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Customized SEO Implementation & Analysis Dashboard for a Global Bank

A Customized SEO Implementation and Interactive Webpage Analysis Dashboard to assess Multiple Webpage Performance for a Global Bank

The Client

Our Client was a leading global bank that offered its customers simple, creative and reliable financial solutions. The bank has a wide array of financial solutions across various regional markets under each line of business - like credit card, personal loan, retail/corporate banking, wealth management, etc. and plays a critical role in enabling growth and economic progress in each geographical location.

optimization analysis

The Challenge

The bank had a presence in around 18 markets across various regions and languages and had several websites/webpages for each segment in every line of business. They had no way of tracking the performance of all webpages and so they could not derive insights like the amount of traffic, or the number of leads generated or conversions for each line of business. Needless to say, making data-based informed decisions was nearly impossible for them.

Xerago was enlisted to assist the bank’s central marketing team and to find a way to overcome this challenge.

The Solution

Xerago first started out by undertaking a detailed webpage research on each line of business and regional market based on the bank’s previous 3-year history of all website traffic data. This helped paint a clear picture to discover unique trends and patterns.

A detailed analysis of the product pages for each line of business and competitor analysis for similar business types was also done to generate relevant SEO keywords for all the regional market websites. It was then recommended that the bank optimize all market websites to incorporate suggested keywords at the first level.

Subsequently, based on the detailed analysis and new SEO implementation logic, a uniform set of parameters was arrived at to create a benchmark for traffic assessment and conversion analysis across all markets. Based on this, new segments were also identified with standard definitions, and a new interactive analysis dashboard was prepared to assess the macro and micro performances of all pages.

The Results

  • The customized interactive analysis dashboard gave the bank a 360-degree view of the performance of all pages across all markets and lines of business.
  • The bank’s regional and central marketing teams could now tap into the traffic measurement and conversion analysis for every line of business.

The bank could now make data-driven decisions and streamline their efforts to fix and optimize non-performing pages, thereby ensuring consistent performance across their entire web presence.