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Customized Blog Analysis Report for a Global Bank to Get Traffic

A Customized Interactive Blog Analysis Report to Track and Improve Blog Effectiveness for a Top Global Bank

The Client

Our client is a top multi-national bank with a broad range of financial services and products for consumers, corporations, governments and institutions. The bank has a wide presence in several markets with a dedicated customer assistance and blog portal for each market.  The bank engages with its customers through this portal and publishes articles and blog posts so that consumers can easily find valuable information related to various products and services from the bank’s portfolio.

Citi Blog CDAC

The Challenge

Though the bank published content in their support and blog portals frequently, they had no way of analysing the performance of the blogs or articles. They had no way of measuring critical insights like the amount of traffic, reader engagement, lead generation and conversions in the portal. Moreover, the bank was also unable to track customer sentiments and monitor comments and concerns that were being raised in response to the articles in these portals.

All in all, the bank was unable to make strategic content planning decisions and drive better engagement with its customers.

The Solution

Xerago was brought on board to assist the bank in analysing its blog performance for the CDAC market. Our team of analytical experts started out by conducting a thorough analysis of the portals and its pages and articles to derive uniform segments based on relevant keywords.

Xerago also did a detailed study on the three-year history of the pages to discover trends and patterns from the data. Based on all the research, the team recommended a customized interactive report format to undertake effective tracking of all the blog pages for the CDAC market.

This report captured the minutest details of all the blogs and articles pages with complete analysis to assess performance at the granular level. The report consisted of the aggregate, monthly trend analysis and other key insights for all the pages.

The Results

  • The interactive report generated by Xerago helped the bank leverage deep insights including measuring the flow of traffic to each article and monitoring customer sentiments and response.
  • It helped the bank adopt a strategic content planning approach to post the kind of articles that customers looked for, and present them in a way that attracts more traffic and leads.

Not only did the analytical report help the bank take proactive steps to improve blog effectiveness, but it also led to a double-digit rise in the flow of traffic to the portal.